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Steve Jobs and Larry Page: can you imagine the garage sales?

January 23, 2008

Drive down posh Waverly Avenue in Palo Alto and, just north of California Avenue, you’ll pass the private residences of Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Larry Page who, like some kind of Silicon Valley sitcom, actually live across the street from one another! What kind of awkward borrow-a-cup-of-sugar conversations do you think these guys have? Or what about when one of the Jobs children accidentally tosses a frisbee over Page’s fence? And do you think Bill Gates just TP’s the whole block for good measure?

Agricultural bonus: guess what kind of fruit tree grows in Jobs’ front yard?


Google: Beware of bikes

October 23, 2007

Drive up Rengstorff Avenue over the 101 and you’re surrounded by ugly aqua cruiser bikes whizzing by you, their orange safety flags flapping happily behind them. It’s really the best way to know you’ve arrived at Google: you’re stomping on your breaks hoping to not kill a helmetless millionaire on a free bike. They appear to be free, or perhaps their value represents little more than a rounding error in most employee’s stock option plans, because they litter the campus like leaves in the fall, never locked up and simply everywhere. It’s dizzying, watching a Google employee pick up a bike and pedal off, oblivious to oncoming traffic, heading off to another corner of the far-flung campus. It’s not like they’re heading off to lunch–spend more than a week in Silicon Valley and you will have heard a half-dozen tales of how delicious the food at Google is (which, like the bikes, is also free)–it’s just the need to get, well, somewhere really fast. So enjoy a drive around Google, but drive with extreme caution.

(side trip: the Shoreline Amphitheater, which doesn’t actually line a shore but is across the street from Google, boasts as an original investor Apple co-founder Steve Wosniak; it is also the only concert venue I’ve ever heard of to have had a fire start due to methane leaking from the landfill that lies below it. Whoops.)